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Be relevant: your message will be read

A lifetime would not be enough to read the contents we receive in a single day. So we must sort and select them.

Right words to pass around

Keeping an effective memory of your brand can make and ambassador of your customer. Only if stable, no-frill and relevant communication keeps it alive.

Marketing-as-a-service. Why not?

Digital marketing and active marketing must go in parallel, without overlapping their deadlines and priorities.

Networking? Yes thanks. But then?

A good list of contacts must be valued as a corporate asset, possibly the main asset. It should be valued and depreciated into a balance sheet as you’d do with a machine tool!

The way to go together

It is a complex mmoment, the challenges are many and for this reason it is time to choose a new road. New techniques, new ways to live in the environment that surrounds us and that changes around us