The online world is full of very useful tools of any kind, and knowing how to navigate this jungle is essential to adopt the most functional solutions.

In the last article, we suggested 5 “Tech” tools, which if implemented are of great help in optimizing B2B digital marketing processes.

In today’s article, we offer 5 other software of the “Sales” genre, always free, capable of supporting you in the selection of opportunities, in the management of business relationships, and in closing sales.

When launching email marketing campaigns, care must be taken to have the lowest possible bounce rate, to avoid the risk of ending email communications in the spam folder. This is possible only if in possession of valid contacts, and for this reason there are tools capable of verifying the existence of any email address in real-time.

One of them is present on the website just enter the desired address in the search bar and the software decides in a few moments whether a specific email box works or not, helping you to have a CRM that is always clean and updated.

In addition to the email verification tool, the site provides others capable of verifying the IP address of the computer in use, the speed of the internet connection, the reachability of a site, the availability of a domain, and finally extract the email addresses from a text.

Grammarly Keybord

Grammarly Keybord is a software (also available as a Google Extension) that facilitates the drafting of emails and documents in English. The free version of Grammarly corrects grammar, spelling and punctuation errors thanks to its accurate error detection. In addition, thanks to its artificial intelligence, it offers suggestions as synonyms and provides information on the tone of the message. With these functions, it becomes easier to build texts in English and contact prospects from abroad via email.


Always being busy is good for business, but it makes scheduling a real job. Calendly is an application for managing appointments, events, and meetings, which helps to save time in setting dates.

Just send the invitee a link that leads to Calendly, where all your availabilities and times are marked, and people will be able to book a slot among those available (even if they don’t use Calendly). In this way, you can be sure of being free on the date that potential customers book a meeting, as well as eliminating the problem of continuous rescheduling of meetings and long threads of emails and phone calls.


It is an all-in-one tool where you can manage your mailing lists, create custom email templates, and fuel your marketing campaigns. A tool like Mailchimp is ideal for companies that want to take advantage of email marketing and manage their campaigns easily and automatically.

Mailchimp can be purchased in packages, and the “Free” plan includes the management of up to 2,000 contacts, with 10,000 mailings per month and a daily limit of 2,000.


During the smart working period, tools like VidYard have become the key to making remote sales smoother for many businesses.

With VidYard you can film and use short videos to add a personal touch at all stages of the sales cycle. They are useful both in the prospect research phase and in the sales and solution proposal phase.

The benefits of short targeted videos like VidYard’s are many. From the increase in Brand Awareness to the greater knowledge of one’s product or service, to the establishment of better relationships of trust.