If I can, I’ll go to the gym tonight. I have a subscription, one of the many subscriptions that I find every month on my credit card statement: Netflix, Spotify, the PC antivirus … I go to the gym because there I can choose from the latest equipment, I find expert staff, I meet other people and … I can unsubscribe whenever I want!

Excuse me, do you have a light?
And so I too became part of the subscription economy, that era of access that the futurologist Jeremy Rifkin wrote about (back in 2001). Why on earth buy goods (paying fixed costs, losing the advantages of technological updating, giving up advice) when you can rent them and always have the best? Years ago, I must admit, I built my own gym, in a corner of the rumpus room. What happened? What was the leading edge of technology in just a few months had become scrap metal. I was bored just seeing those tools, let alone using them. And you, after how many months did you get bored? Me after three. We have been using software-as-a-service in the company for years now, the cars are serviced leasing, as are the copiers / printers. Many of our businesses could take on an as-a-service mode.

Oh no, marketing is not possible!
As-a-service mode also for marketing, or at least a part of it. Thing? Marketing? No, that is not. For charity! Marketing is an office, a box in the organization chart, a team of valiant collaborators. You can’t even think about it! Or maybe yes. After all, HR has always been outsourced to a ‘payroll and contributions’ study. The passive and active cycle has been online since the invoices are dematerialized. Let’s not talk about the logistics. Why couldn’t marketing be done as-a-service? Perhaps it is a ‘pre-digital’ mentality that makes us see marketing as something untouchable. Once upon a time, small and large companies decided if and when to appear. They launched the ‘campaign’ and then re-dived like submarines.

When you are on the market, you can no longer hide
For some time now, a company has no longer been able to hide. And it doesn’t have to. Like parties, businesses are also ‘in the electoral campaign’ 365 days a year. The company must communicate on a regular and continuous basis as the heart must beat and the lungs inhale and exhale. I don’t stop breathing because I’m focused on driving. In the same way I do not stop being present (for example on social networks) because I have focused the best resources of my marketing on a campaign or an event. Digital marketing and ‘active’ marketing. The two must travel in parallel, without hindering each other, without overlapping their deadlines and priorities.

Experts to do, measure, improve
Marketing-as-a-service does not mean giving out (let alone doing away with) the marketing of a company. It means having digital marketing managed by experts (like the coach in the gym) who makes available the most modern technologies and approaches, with which you can agree and measure trends and objectives. It means giving consistency, aligning it to the highest level, keeping the pace of a company’s breath, thus freeing up resources to concentrate on campaigns, innovations, added value without distracting resources from your desire, from your need to change.