Marketing-as-a-service. Why not?

Marketing-as-a-service. Why not?

I’ll get to the gym tonight. I have a 12 month subscription. Actually lot of subscriptions pop up on my credit card statement: Netflix, Spotify, the PC anti-viruses…

Subscription economy: Rifkin figured out it all

I’m a constituent of the subscription economy. We live in an “era of access” which was figured (as early as 2001) by the futurologist Jeremy Rifkin. What good is it in buying (paying fixed costs, losing the advantages of technological upgrading, giving up advice) when you can rent?
Years ago, I bought my gym, leading edge of technology. In a few months it had become scrap metal. Even seeing it bored me, let alone using it. And you? Say: after how many months were fed up? Me after three. So I subscribed to the nearest gym. Ditto for my company: We have been adopting software-as-a-service in the company for years now, cars are in serviced leasing, as are printers. Many of our activities could be run in an as-a-service approach.

Marketing as a service: an indecent proposal

It is really a profanity to devise an as-a-service approach for Marketing or at least for a part of it? After all, HRs have always been outsourced as well as Logistic. Why not Marketing? Maybe this last taboo comes from a “pre-digital” mentality

You cannot play hide and seek anymore

Once upon a time companies could decide if and when being visible. They launched a “campaign” and then they dived underwater as submarines.Today you cannot hide anymore.
Like a political party, a company is on the campaign trail 365 days a year. A company must communicate in a regular and continuous way as the heart beats and lungs breathe. I don’t stop breathing because I’m focused on driving. I don’t stop being visible (for example on social media) because I focused the best resources of my Marketing on an event. Digital marketing and “active” marketing must go in parallel, without overlapping their deadlines and priorities.

Experts in making, measuring, improving

Marketing-as-a-service does not mean outsourcing the Marketing team of a company. It means having a digital marketing run by experts that provide the company with the most modern technologies and approaches. People who works for your company following your directions and seeking measurable objectives, keeping the pace of your company’s and freeing up resources you can focus on marketing campaigns, innovations.

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